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Oral Satisfaction

Autumn was given an amazing opportunity to accompany Noel Dansford, the world-renowned erotic photographer, on a photo shoot in Vail, Colorado. She had always dreamed of taking to the slopes through the famous China Bowl, located only in Vail, and having wild sex on an off-beaten ski trail. Autumn got the call early one morning in the spring of 2013, saying she had to fly to the Big Apple, all expenses paid. She would stay at The Vintage Plaza in SoHo and have access to a chauffeur-driven car daily.

Noel and Autumn originally met on his photo shoot project “A Chocolate Merry Christmas Calendar” depicting twelve men of many different colors and sizes for each month. The only requirement for the photo shoot was that each man’s penis had to be at least 12 inches long ‘relaxed.’ Noel asked her to set-up each month, the props and the penis. Autumn…

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