Passion 3.12.14 Blog

Source: ‘Simply Hot!’ Pinterest Board Jimmy Lindquist

grind like a stallion
touch mi like a number one
bet yuh speak inna tongues
mek air flow threw yuh lungs
come mek we switch the room
when you feel the length of the broom
transfarm like tarzan neva expect a touch from a maggaman

Nobody na fi know seh me and you a touch
nobody na fi know seh you a give it up
nobody na fi know seh yuj come ova meh yard
baby you know mi love u bad
baby you know mi love you bad

every time yuh come yuh act like yuh nah wah do it
and tell me seh a sneak yuh a sneak
but from when mi look inna yuh eyes mi see the freakyness
babygirl mek and leave
and dem like seh mi nah treat yuh good
and dem like seh me nah go hard
every time yuh come amma meh yard
yuh a worry and yuh man den a yuh yard”

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