Oralicious Sex…Come Taste Me!!!

Oral Satisfaction

 Mmmmm, Good!

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I love oral sex and the joys that it brings to my clit, my pulsating luscious lips, and me—that smile between orgasmic contractions. My Italian Lulu, who claims that he does not eat pussy, but will enjoy mine on occasion, is quite shocking when he does surprise me. It is explosive, orgasmic, and fucking amazing!!! He eats my pussy as if he is expressing his enduring love for me.

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Sex is a universal language that many understand and enjoy. Oral sex, on the other hand, is still taboo and gets a bad rap. Since I launched my blog in 2013, I have released my ebook on Amazon and have over 13,000 fans that have viewed my blog; I have yet to hit record selling numbers on Amazon.

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My eBook…

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