Great Facts About Oral Sex


 “Stop the Madness!”

Source: "Cuddle Me Hardcore" Pinterest Board Source: “Cuddle Me Hardcore” Pinterest Board

Oral sex is definitely a part of the fabric of our sexual rendezvous lives; however, it’s still viewed as a small tear on a huge, warm blanket on a cold, brisk night.

My eBook, Oral Satisfaction, clearly spells out the importance of why oral sex is vital and very significant during one’s sex journey. It guarantees an OFS (Orgasm For Sure). Dah! Also, being a part of the misfits of society or the P2 generation does put you at an advantage. Why? Because statistical oral sex lovers outnumber the dull, uneventful, boring ass sex lives in society. Boo-hoo-hoo! Life is about choices . . . so, choose wisely and climax in the process.

Here is a treat for you . . .

The folks at “The Generous Husband” blog conducted a survey a couple years ago on the topic of…

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