Yes, I am very proud to be a scorpio

Yes, I take the art of sex seriously as I do wear my badge of honor with pride. Being born under the horoscope of a Scorpio comes with perks, but disappointments as well.


News Flash! Oral sex is a part of sex and is here to stay. Super-mega TV producer, Shonda Rhimes, writes about it all the time in her mega hit show How To Get Away With Murder. Oral sex is now woven into the fabric of America’s life, and across the globe, yet still taboo in the 21st Century.

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I welcome you into my sweet sexiness with legs wide open. But, you must be open to drop to your knees and taste my flowing juices . . . or the deal is off!

Boudoir Shoot Ideas

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I am willing to straddle a chair and let you caress my back-side . . . only if you lick me dry when I start to drip!

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If you choose to disappoint me . . . oh, ’tis not true! I will find other relaxing movements to forget that you ever existed . . .

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. . . which is where I expect you to now drop to your knees and be my bitch! Then I will allow you to fuck me hard and long, beating my pussy until I squirt all over your dick.


Sexy Motivation

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So, do I have your undivided attention? If I do, it’s my turn to tantalize you with my mouth-watering tongue that I will now trace all over your body. I promise not to stop making love to your beautiful penis until you are rock hard and ready to burst inside my wet, soothing mouth. I love oral sex and the many mysteries that it brings forth . . . unadulterated pleasure that is completely inviting to the body!

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News flash! Sexual gratification is no longer a “men’s only” club.