Oral Sex Salutes Late Night Host, Stephen Colbert!

Screencap Source: Click News

Screencap Source: Click News

On Friday, October 2, Late Night host, Stephen Colbert’s guest was Ruth Wilson of the Showtime hit drama, The Affair. Wilson explained to Colbert that she was getting bored with her orgasmic scenes that only showed her delivering the goods to her co-host and his face was not being shown. TV tends not to show the male counterpart’s face during an orgasm, but will show the female’s face during one. Like, they will show her breast, but nothing erotic about his body. Once in a while you might get a quick buttocks scene. She said, “Not!” They should not only show her climaxing, but him as well. “This is an equal playing field and he needs to share in this moment as well.”

Showtime granted her wishes, and she won her request! This has the power to revolutionize TV again; men need to be shown having an orgasm as well; especially on her hit drama series, The Affair.

Well, knowing Stephen Colbert’s wonderful mind and interesting sense of humor, he ran with this segment and created laugh-out-loud scenarios with Ruth. Being on a major network like CBS, there are rules and regulations that one must follow…right, Stephen?  So they decided not mention the word “orgasms” or act it out, staying in line with CBS standards.

However, (LOL), Stephen, with help from Ruth, did act out different “face” scenarios that look like you’re having an orgasm. LMAO!!! Simply brilliant, Stephen; thanks!!!

Mum’s the word, women love having orgasms, if they can find one.

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

A huge shout-out to Showtime, who always leads the way in showing and airing top-rated shows with sexual freedom. Kudos!

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Source: Pinterest

Make sure you are giving your lover more than enough “face time” and go enjoy some oral satisfaction!

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