The verdict is in…Men love having their dicks sucked. No shit Sherlock? New Flash…Women enjoy oral sex too!

Oral Satisfaction

Keep Calm Continue Sucking My Dick 5.8.14 Blog

Most men are simple creatures and not complicated to say the least. And what the majority favor the most is SEX, and more of it.  It’s that basic and simple.  But what truly trumps sex is having their beautiful cocks sucked, stroked, and made love to.  It is what it is, Ladies, and you need to get with the program or at least try to understand this selfish desire.

Why selfish? Because the majority of men want it the majority of the time and rarely considers their female partner’s sexual needs, wants, or desires, like cunnilingus.

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Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall and Joy Bryant starred in About Last Night and there were many funny scenes, but the one that stood out was the conversation with Regina Hall and Joy Bryant. Joy Bryant was talking to Regina Hall in the kitchen as she was telling Regina that Michael Ealy ate…

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