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Your Zodiac Sign does open a window that reveals something about you, especially when it comes to your sexual curiosity.

Oral Satisfaction

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Oral sex is to life as air is to breathing…it’s much needed and relaxes your atmosphere.  A balanced life is a healthy life, which includes many pleasurable things to offset life’s challenges.  Sex, whether it’s through intercourse, therapy, or oral, does bring about pleasure and satisfaction.  The one true element that they all have in common is trying to achieve sexual pleasure at the end of the movie.

I applaud those who are bold and audacious at wanting to please their partner sexually through any means necessary. Do you have a favorite oral sex position; if so, what is it?  Today’s oral sex clipart does not hold back, and I love all of the positions. Of which, I have tried each and every one of them, achieving an OFS.

What is so lovely about oral sex is that it is sensuous, erotic, and enjoyable for the…

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