Oral sex is not a bad thing or is it disgusting; oh con tare. It starts with an open mind, and the ability to give joy and pleasure to your partner without any inhibitions during sex. Also, it does guarantee you an Orgasm For Sure (OFS).

Oral Satisfaction

What was the first rule
We learned in school?
To share, of course!

Source: Someecards Source: Someecards

That’s the true beauty of oral sex, being able to share it with a partner who loves and appreciates you for exactly who you are. No matter how nasty or dirty you get down, deep down it’s all about who you share this momentous, sexy moment with–and what they give back to you for being so selfless. It’s been said that you get back what you give, and the gift at the end of oral sex can definitely go both ways: mutual, guaranteed orgasms!

Source: Someecards on Pinterest Source: Someecards on Pinterest

Let sensual, passionate oral satisfaction teach you the perks of sharing!


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