Welcome back Shonda Rhimes! Last night episode was AWESOME! Thanks for keeping oral sex charged up and alive!


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Kudos to Shonda Rhimes for being bold, audacious, and brazen enough to bring Oral Sex into the homes of over 14.3 million viewers. Her new drama How To Get Away With Murder premiered with a bang this past Thursday on ABC.

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Shonda was bold and daring in that not only did she show one oral sex scene with multi-award-winning actress Viola Davis, but another oral sex scene between two guys.  Holy sh*t!!!  WOW!!!! AMAZING!!!!

Shonda Rhimes ruled the airways… The Huffington Post wrote about the “Thank God Its Thursday” line-up and the massive ratings pulled in–How to Get Away With Murder had the highest of the three–and Deadline broke it down to even more detail how well Murder did on its first night! I’m guessing all that sexiness had something to do with it, and it certainly wasn’t missed by one…

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