Oral sex is a good thing that happens to your body and genitals; just ask them…?

Oral Satisfaction

No, really.
All jokes, puns, and
Word play aside, I
Really want you to give
Oral Sex a chance!

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When it comes to love and loving there is no better, more intimate way to express your feelings than sharing the magnificent act of oral sex. It guarantees orgasms for both parties before the sex even begins; not only that, it’s a quick way to release stress, share face time with your loved one, and express love and joy. It really is the best thing since sliced bread, really; and for all the sexy pictures I post and erotic stories I share, they are only motivators to get you to visit the real best place on Earth–the inside of your partner’s pants! That extra warm spot between the sheets! That comfy spot on the couch while you’re watching football! The kitchen counter! The washing machine during the spin cycle! The…

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