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For anyone who does not enjoy the art of fucking or oral sex, they are definitely missing out on the joys of life: SEX and MORE SEX. I guarantee this video will get your blood boiling, so sexually excited you’ll want to fuck the next person who moves near you. It’s sensuous, sexually charged and highly suggestive of sex and more sex. Enjoy…

My heart aches for Barbara Corcoran, New York City Real Estate Mogul and Billionaire who recently appeared on The Queen Latifah Show along with her Shark Tank co-hosts. But Barbara was the only Shark who stood out for me. I am a fan who has always admired and truly respected her mind and tenacious spirit in a male-dominated industry. She is tough, smart, sassy and never compromises self for the sake of others.

Queen Latifah asked all the Sharks questions that were geared for “rich folks”, she started with the men asking Mark, Daymond, and Kevin questions first. But when Queen directed one question to Lori and Barbara: “I’d give up all my money for, what?” Before Lori could even answer the question, Barbara said, “One night of great sex.” Wow, that was bold and bodacious to say on national television, and she has been married for 27 years. Yikes!

Watch Queen Latifah ask the Sharks questions: here.

I would like to challenge Barbara Corcoran and have her have 100 men read my “aggressively direct” ebook about sex and oral sex to see if she can obtain that one night of great sex after reading my ebook.

Take the oral satisfaction challenge yourself. How will you spend your nights?

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