But this is just ridiculous!

TMZ Sports reached out to the NFL to discuss possible acts at Super Bowl XLIX (49) in Arizona next year — and while the league wouldn’t say who’s in the running, they did issue the following statement:

“As for potential acts — we have only ruled out Janet Jackson.”

According to TMZ Sports, the NFL still has a grudge against Janet Jackson for that slippery wardrobe malfunction back in 2004.

All Boob. No Filter. Source: Zimbio.com

All Boob. No Filter. Source: Zimbio.com

The article’s author goes on to say that if Timberlake isn’t banned, “then BOOK HIS ASS.” To which I firmly reply, “Ah, NOT!” Timberlake’s punk ass should be equally to blame for what happened during the fake wardrobe malfunction, in my opinion. I lost all respect for him and how he threw Janet under the bus. I stand with Kanye West for our firm dislike for his punk ass!!!

But most Americans need to wake up and smell the pussy or penis! It brings joy, peace of mind (which is priceless), and alleviates stress, a major killer in our lives. The following commercial was banned in the US because of the explicit and suggestive message it conveyed to the audience, pantomiming the actions of a blow job to sell a “big sausage” breakfast sandwich. I think this commercial is funny as hell, but I do understand why it was banned.

For over a year, I have become a strong proponent and advocate of oral sex creating a platform for the P2 folks (those who are passionate about the pussy and about the penis). A platform which has spawned a viewership of nearly 10,000 all-time views. WOW!!! That’s gotta say something for the awesome power of exploring the benefits of mutual orgasm through oral sex. I’m clearly not the only one who knows and sees how important it is to fully appreciate and explore sexuality.

Pump up your half-time show with a dazzling oral satisfaction performance!


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