Unfortunately, new international pop singer Inna isn’t one of them… (But she should be!)

What’s so amazing about life is that you have the ability to choose your likes and dislikes.  Closed-minded individuals tend to berate oral sex, giving it a bad rap–to do so is your free will and choice. However, those who truly appreciate and enjoy sexual gratification will tap into things that enhance and support the endurance to prolong our sexual desires: sensual oral sex.

Oral sex, of course, isn’t the only part of the 7 Wonders of Modern Sex; however, it is one of the most important because it stimulates all your vital senses and leaves you feeling joyous, excited, and thrilled at life. If Oral Sex can do that, imagine what the other six can do for you!

7 Wonders of Modern Sex

  1. Oral Sex – Guarantees unadulterated pleasure and mutual orgasms (as if they weren’t the same thing!).
  2. Foreplay – Gets both of you in the mood, stimulating each other’s bodies (finding those erogenous zones).
  3. The Pussy/The Penis – Not quite the stars of the show, but most definitely the lives of the party!
  4. Kissing – The first step in foreplay and, ultimately, sex. Often determines if sex will happen at all!
  5. Orgasm – The Climax: releases stress, relieves pain, and sends out all those feel-good endorphins.
  6. The 5 Senses (Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch & Smell) – Erotic stimulation can bring erogenous zones alive!
  7. Passion – The Instigator. The fire that fuels all of your sexual desires.

Giving these Modern Wonders their proper respect will keep you coming back for more, over and over and over again. Each link will tell you more about the Wonder and how they will take your sex life from humdrum to housebeats. [Thanks, Inna!]

Discover the Grandfather of Modern Sexual Wonders: Oral Satisfaction.


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