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How can I convenience you that oral sex is a sure thing that will give you an Orgasm For Sure? It’s a cure for uneventful, non-climactic sex. It’s harmless, sensuous, enticing, and downright sexually gratifying. As I reviewed most of the videos for today, I noticed the sexual undertone is front and center, which immediately awakens and ignites your sexual wants and desires. From kissing to gyrating and moving your hips in a suggestive sexual manner like the dancing that goes on in some videos, suggestive oral sex is communicating with you. Like this MUST-SEE video…You got to lick it….

You feel the heat rising up in the atmosphere; your genitals starts to throb after watching this video over and over again.

Oral sex is prevalent because of porn and music videos like this one. Oral sex got its first real audience from porn watchers, and it has found its home right in your own backyard on YouTube. Oral sex is alive, profitable, and here to stay. Just ask the ABC Network. Practically, every episode of How to Get Away With Murder not only has aired hot steamy sex scenes, intoxicating non-boring oral sex scenes, but very explicit, intense (and even same-sex!) oral sex scenes.

Listen, back in the ’60s race was the issue, in the ’70s it was drugs, in the ’80s sex, drugs and rock n roll, and in the ’90s sex was crawling from under its rock. Now, in the 21st Century SEX is bold with a very strong following.  The LGBT Community has a strong and much-needed voice.  And oral sex is breaking down barriers, as well…I promise to keep being your #1 advocate for the joys, wonders, and rewards of oral sex.  However, Shonda Rhimes is doing an exceptional job reaching millions of people across the global preaching the joys of oral sex, as well.

Thank you, Ms. Rhimes.

What’s life without oral sex, like a fish without water, simply dead.  Are you convinced yet that oral sex is a much-needed antidote that cures sexual deadness?

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