Oral Sex creates love, sex, and magic
by igniting your warm body parts to explode!

[Ciara – Pre-Chorus]
Baby show me, show me whats your favorite trick that you wanna use on me
And ill volunteer, and ill be goin and goin to movin, this appears to nothin but shoes on me, Oh Baby

[Ciara & Justin Timberlake – Chorus]
I’ll make sure its just you in the crowd doin tricks you never seen
And I bet that I can make you believe in love and sex and magic
So let me drive my body around you, I bet you know what I mean
Cause you know that I can make you believe in love and sex and magic

Ciara is bringing Justin back with their duet “Love Sex Magic”! And all that talk about favorite tricks and driving your body around solidifies the powerful magic oral sex creates. It takes your whole body, your whole mind to create that sexual explosion–mutual, guaranteed orgasms! So, dig deep into that bag of tricks (maybe even find some new ones!) and make your partner believe in love, sex, and magic with oral sex driven by using all 5 of your senses to ignite your erogenous zones to explode, drenched in desire.

Mastering oral satisfaction is a magic trick worth pursuing!


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