Relieve stress? Check.
Create feelings of love? Check.
Stretch muscles? Check.
Stimulate well-being? Check.

Source: Tatiana's "Oral Satisfaction" Pinterest Board

Source: Tatiana’s “Oral Satisfaction” Pinterest Board

Being generous alone does plenty for our self-esteem and sense self-worth, but if you’re donating guaranteed orgasms to your partner’s Pleasure Journey–you’re doing something great for mankind. You’re creating a less stressed, more loving, relaxed, and generous person who’s looking to pay it forward. Not to mention all the endorphins being released from pursuing the oldest form of recreation and exercise known to man (besides running, obviously). If a simple hug can stimulate the growth of white blood cells, imagine what a couple Orgasms For Sure can do for the body!

Oral satisfaction, one more way to get healthy the fun way!

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