I worship you.
I want to shower my love
All over you.
I need your love.

Source: Tatiana's 'Oral Satisfaction' Pinterest Board

Source: Tatiana’s ‘Oral Satisfaction’ Pinterest Board

Desire is a strong and addictive drug. Of course! Isn’t that what’s great about it? Isn’t that what keeps you coming back for more?

So, once you start, follow through; be like Oral Sex, the devoted lover. Make sure you’re ready to show and give your partner hot, sizzling, earth-shattering oral sex by putting yourself in the right mindset to give and receive pleasure. Relax, think sexy thoughts, and open yourself up to pure, absolute ecstasy!

Think of your lover’s body as a temple, ready and willing for worship at your whim. It is the place to give and receive sensual passion and share guaranteed, mutual orgasms! What could be better than that?

Oral satisfaction, for all of the world’s devoted lovers.


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