Through the searing hot desert
Of the burdened work week,
Oral Sex offers a release
on Thirsty Thursday!

Source: JuicyLilSecrets Tumblr

Source: JuicyLilSecrets Tumblr

And the best mate for a wet pussy is a throbbing dick–get both by sharing hot, sensual oral sex on Thirsty Thursday! The name alone tells you why you’ve got to give yourself over to absolute pleasure. Quench that natural thirst, open wide, and get ready for a good long draft–if you’re doing it right, that is. Oral Sex is no passing hobby or fad; it’s an art form and one that takes an open and creative mind, confidence, and passion that sizzles right out of your skin. But don’t worry, the exquisite release from oral sex goes both ways!

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Really enjoy Thirsty Thursday with a whole bottle of oral satisfaction!

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