Source: "Oral Satisfaction" Pinterest Board

Source: “Oral Satisfaction” Pinterest Board

Mmmm, my darling, can you please go deeper? I enjoy your focus and main concentration, as you know what turns me on. A man who takes his time loves playing with my Venus flower until I climax.

Baby, when will I feel your tongue, lips, or mouth kiss my flower? You’re making me drip, and I hate wasting my juices. Oh, you like my juices flowing toward my ass, you say. Why? Oh, to lubricate my ass; so your dick can slide in easy? I like how that sounds.

Darling, I know that my pussy is a work of art and that you are transfixed on mastering the art piece; but fuck me now, or I will fuck you and turn you over to fuck you in the ass. Your choice…

In that situation, you want to make an educated decision; am I right? Get schooled by picking up Oral Satisfaction today, only $4.99, from Kindle for your computer, tablet, or phone!

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