Source: "Oral Satisfaction" Pinterest Board

Source: “Oral Satisfaction” Pinterest Board

Ladies, how many of us have experienced a 68 during a 69 oral fuck? I certainly have, and it was selfishly good. When a man is eating and fucking your pussy right with his masterful tongue, you may have lost sight and forgot that you were blowing him. Right in the middle of your passionate 69, you stop mid-blow and take a breather because it feels fucking AMAZING. He keeps hitting the right spot, making your vagina walls contract and contract, over and over again. You are on the verge of climaxing inside his mouth, but you want to prolong this AMAZING fucking feeling.

Feeling his soft wet tongue melt into my pussy, which has been transformed into a warm, wet ocean by his unending desire, really gets my drenched pussy so ready to swallow his tongue whole, deep inside. I honestly hope that he truly enjoys eating my pussy, just as much that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him drinking and licking all my flowing wet juices.

It can be really hard trying to do a 69 when you are forced to perform a 68 that leaves you thinking the pleasure might be one-sided, but get your head back in the game and give your partner a reason to come up for air!

Make sure your next 69 is enough for the both of you! Pick up Oral Satisfaction today, only $4.99, from Kindle for your computer, tablet, or phone!

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