Source: "Oral Satisfaction" Pinterest Board

Source: “Oral Satisfaction” Pinterest Board

“Can we walk toward the erotic meadows to sit and cuddle in each others arms? If we get there before the sunset, Sarah said that she will paint us in any position that our hearts desire,” Jessica said to Josh.

Josh smiled and grabbed Jessica’s hand to start walking toward the erotic meadow. He knew from other times that Jessica did not wear underwear when they went to the erotic meadow. Josh’s dick was starting to bulge against the zipper of his pants, slowly becoming full and erect. He was ready to drag Jessica down to the erotic meadow because he ached and wanted to release his throbbing passion.

He fantasized all day long about Sarah, his new neighbor, who had approached him to have a ménage à trois with her and her husband. Dan, Sarah’s husband, truly enjoys being fucked in the ass by her male sexual partners.

Sarah loved her husband more than anything in the world because he never denied her a sexual rendezvous or fantasy. Whether it’s his dad, her sister, or whoever she wanted to fuck, he promised to never deny her sexual prowess.

Jessica had allowed Sarah to eat her pussy one day when she came over to borrow maple syrup. She asked her outright without any hesitation, and Jessica obliged.

It was the best fuck that they both had enjoyed in a long time. Sarah manhandled Jessica and she got turned on and slapped her. This made Sarah’s sexual energy go viral, and they fucked, sucked, teased, and tortured each other for four hours. They squirted and climaxed every hour until they were spent and exhausted.

They haven’t talked or been in each other’s company for over three years since.

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