Source: "Candide's Notebook" August 2006 Post

Source: “Candide’s Notebook” August 2006 Post

When performing oral sex there is never a bad position, only good. Even if you closed your eyes, was spun around 1,000 times and landed right side up, the tongue would find its way to your lotus flower or lighting rod and give you the utmost pleasure during oral sex.

So don’t cheat yourself when you should treat yourself. When pussy or penis is served to you on a platter, grab your napkin, lick your lips, and get ready to dig in deep. It’s a desert that was made especially for you to devour and enjoy endlessly.

Imagine sitting down at the table and right in front of you is your partner’s wet luscious pussy or rock hard dick,  just inches away from your mouth. Dig in and get your healthy protein or sweet dripping cherry…

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