Source: "The Black Wood Chronicles" on Tumblr

Source: “The Black Wood Chronicles” on Tumblr

Simple pleasures in life are free and right on the tip of your lips, tongue, and mouth. Oral sex continues to get a bad rap, discredited and associated with bad and negative things. Sex is good. But oral sex is GREAT!!! Men will never give up the joy and rewards of having their dicks sucked. And women are clearing the negative mindset that oral sex is bad.

I have yet to meet a women who does not like feeling the sensuous touch of a tongue between her legs. It’s heaven, joyous and climactic!

What guarantees me an orgasm, other than masturbation, is getting my pussy eaten which comes with addictive juices. It is what it is…

Sex exists…just look at the human race. Someone fucked someone to get you here. Maybe there was a diversion or a path that led to oral sex, and you have never gotten off that road because of the joy that it brings. I’m puzzled that so many people snub their nose to this amazing delight; hell no!! I think some people just don’t like enjoying life’s sweetest rewards.

Oral sex involves using the tongue, mouth and lips on your most sensitive body parts: the pussy and penis. Caressing those sensitive body parts will excite your genitals and move you into airplane take-off mode. However, when you incorporate your lips, tongue and mouth into the sexual mix, your take-off ascends 1,000 feet in the sky.

The more that you stimulate and tantalize those sensitive erogenous zones with the mouth, tongue and lips the more intense and sexually charged you will become. The mouth, lips and tongue are soft and sensual to the touch. So when you combine the two sensitive body parts (penis and pussy with the mouth, lips and tongue) you are creating a volcanic explosion.

You are now at the peak of perfection flowing with sexually charged energy that has been thoroughly mixed together to create heightened orgasmic feelings.

If oral sex was so bad, it would not feel so good and keep you coming back for more. It’s free sexual pleasure that does the body good. Sharing oral sex creates a feeling you want to bottle up and take it with you 24/7.

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