The most rewarding thing about oral sex is that once you learn how to give a masterful blow job or eat pussy like it’s a delectable desert you have graduated to the P2 elite class.   “Learn it, Live it and Give it” becomes your mantra!

Source: "Pride" Pinterest Board

Source: “Pride” Pinterest Board

Learning to tantalize body parts that enhance your sexual desires becomes icing on the cake during your sexual rendezvous.  For women, her breasts, nipples, neck, ears, between her thighs, and, of course, her vagina (all of it: lips, clitoris, and perineum) are the easiest and most sensitive to stimulate. Adding your index finger to fuck her gently while you’re sucking, licking and kissing her pussy will escalate her sexual fire. If she climaxes in your mouth that’s when the fun begins.

All of her erogenous zones (the sensitive spots on the body that stimulate arousal) become VERY sensitive to the touch, and her pussy walls are contracting, waiting for some slick penetration. Slide that dick inside her pussy and pass out with her.  BAM!!!!

For a man, his neck, ears, nipples, right below his navel, and, of course, the head of his penis are the most sensitive spots. Ladies, stay focused and be merciless.  Love on his cock like it’s the end of the world and you want  two big sexual explosions during your blow-job performance.

Remember Ladies, our goal is to get him to tap out during your blow job. If he comes in your mouth, even better; it’s because his erogenous zones have become too sensitive. The cock is hard and you have the added lubrication. BAM!!!

Think about Oral Sex as the home run, the standing ovation, the climatic explosion that you want to achieve for one another.  No one should ever feel slighted during sex when achieving an orgasm is totally attainable for everyone.

Learn it, Live it and Give it….Oral Sex can keep the world happy!

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