Source: - Playboy September 2012 Jessica Herenu

Source: – Playboy September 2012
Jessica Herenu

If I had my choice, I would prefer to sit on your rock-hard, awaiting cock.  What’s your choice?  Because my pussy lips are swollen, and my pussy is throbbing and talking to me about the joys, wonders, and rewards we share when we eat each other out.

Last night was purely orgasmic, when you took your long, penetrating tongue and ate my asshole with your whole mouth and lips, and then traveled until you reached my hungry pussy.  Instead of using your mouth, fingers, or erection, I felt your hard, flexible tongue enter my pussy.  I immediately squirted in your mouth which inspired you to grip my ass so firmly I wouldn’t try to escape from you. Damn, I was in heaven at that moment. 

He continued to fuck me over and over again as my walls caved in on him, leaving him panting and elated. Our eyes locked and our lips met with a strong fervor and never let up.  My pussy started crying and begging to be fed by him, and he held me longer and more intensely.  He sucked my nipples, as if he was my baby and I was breastfeeding him.  My lips were still aching with pure delight and throbbing ever so…

Pushed to the edge, I grabbed his face and bit down on his bottom lip, as his moans was heard loud and clear.  Through clenched teeth, I begged him to please fuck me harder.  Finally, he obliged ramming his hard, manly dick inside my drenched, happy pussy.  I screamed with delight as my pussy responded by squirting and flooding our bed.

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