Source: "Oral Sex is Essential" Pinterest Board

Source: “Oral Sex is Essential” Pinterest Board

Healthy living in the 21st century is the way to go.  As the population continues to age, 80 is the new 60; it is refreshing and exciting to see that many are living longer.  This also means that your sex life is getting a new reprieve with an upbeat tempo to enjoy sex for what it is.  Why sweat the small things and listen to nay-sayers who condemn oral sex or sex as a whole?  Oral sex is here to stay! It is what it is!!!  We live…we die.  We laugh…we cry.  We can be happy…or miserable fucks.  I choose to be and remain happy and optimistic in the daily process of life.

Also, I want to enjoy GREAT sex, not good sex.  I want to continue to laugh and be happy.  We are on this Earth on borrowed time and life’s too short.  So we should live in the nowthe present; enjoy great, consensual, hot, organic, orgasmic, and outstanding sex, oral sex, or whatever gets you to climax; “just do it” as Nike would say.

So, eating delicious pussy or sucking on a tantalizing dick can be a great thing for your mind, body, and spirit. Because at the start of sex, when you focus your attention on your partner’s sexual needs, wants, and desires this will stimulate your needs and wants as well.  So, step up and be the LEADER that you are and SERVE your partner very well.  Because…

“Service is the rent we pay for living.”
– Marion Wright Edelman

I love this quote and believe it with a very strong conviction.  Recently, a colleague of mine was promoted to an amazing job that requires her to have great leadership skills.  I asked her how she landed this monumental job, and she said that she knows how to serve people, change the mindset of a team, because people, “they don’t work for me…you work for them.”  That’s powerful, because most people in corporate America rarely think about the people who are the true winners behind the success of many great companies.  Like Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, who fought hard against his Board of Directors because he put his employees first.  His book Onward is a must read talking about knowing how to serve your employees first.

This also goes back to taking exceptionally excellent care of your partner (men and women) so their sexual desires, needs, and wants are met in a first-class manner.  NO ONE should ever walk away from a sexual rendezvous feeling unloved, not climactic, and like it was one-sided.  If so, your partner has FAILED you. It is what it is.

When sex starts, all the key components MUST  be activated (5 Senses). Eyes to see your partner’s beautiful body and erogenous zones; hear the sound of pure ecstasy that you are creating;  taste the tantalizing flesh that is ripped and ready to be eaten; touching the soft, glistening skin that is before you; and getting intoxicated by the smell of hot sex.

All of this is natural and an important part of your body that is designed to enjoy sexual gratification and pleasure as often as you would like it to.  My Italian Lulu, I would definitely fuck every day, minimum three times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  He thinks that I am trying to kill him. Certainty not, he just turns me on; he has the perfect size penis (not too small and definitely not too large) for me; and I CLIMAX each and every time that we fuck. The older that I get the more that I want to have sex, and I found the perfect, crazy Italian to get it done.  He’s the BEST!!! Until he pisses me off…then I become the Lulu that turns him on and who he does adore.

In conclusion, oral sex is as natural as you want sex to be.  Sucking dick has always been around, and it’s very natural to men.  They truly believe that is what our mouths were designed and made for….to suck and stimulate their dicks.  I’m fine with the assumption, as long as I enjoy it and show the real power that I do possess.

In the eyes of some men…our pussies, technically, are only to give birth, but theoretically and most importantly, it’s the welcoming tunnel to warm their dicks, and that they can escape into. That is why I love choking the shit out of a dick with my pussy; so that he can tap out, crying for mercy, and become my bitch. And when he does, my pussy does sing out loud dancing a joyous dance of pure gratifying delight.

Source: "Mary Kay  Kissable Lips" Pinterest Board

Source: “Mary Kay Kissable Lips” Pinterest Board

So, Men, pick up your knife and fork, tie a napkin around your neck, and enjoy your main-course pussy entrée, and then come back for seconds.  The dessert is not fattening, burns calories, and gets your dick hard, prepared to climax in her mouth or warm tunnel.

Life’s too short to be sexually inadequate…communicate, communicate, communicate, and continue to nurture and love on your partner’s pussy or dick; it’s naturally healthy and does the body good!

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