Remember, oral sex is an art, and being the maestro of your very own sexual orchestra makes you an artist. Get creative, and share the love!

Style is to freedom and thought…as creativity is to an Artist.

Source: Terry Richardson/Rolling Stone Photography on Fashion Scans Remastered

Source: Terry Richardson/Rolling Stone Photography on
Fashion Scans Remastered

Rihanna – Pour It Up (Explicit)

Lady Rihanna is a hot, Caribbean, GORGEOUS sex kitten who is truly in touch with her sexuality.  Her fashion sense is phenomenal, which sets her apart from other women in the limelight like Wendy Williams and Mariah, as she propels and sets fashion trends.  Her music videos are very sexually charged and erotic to the bone, which she expresses openly and freely.  Love it!!! I love her as a performer, her many song beats are club-music inspired, and she ALWAYS brings the SEXINESS in her lyrics.  In this video, Rihanna leaves very little to the imagination and gets your pheromones charged up and ready for action.

Oral sex is the creative side of sex that allows you to explore and express your hidden sexual desires to your partner.  Like fashion, oral sex can’t be placed in a box or concerned about naysayers, and no one should feel ashamed because you enjoy heightening your erotic sexual desires to the fullest.  Oral sex is uninhibited like fashion, which can take you beyond the norm to places that you can only dream of.

On occasion, when I see a fabulous outfit or garment done by Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino, or Mel Ottenberg for Rihanna I am transfixed and in awe of its breathtaking creation.  You almost hyperventilate at its sight, just taking it all in.  That’s oral sex at the start of sex, in that when ALL of your 5 senses have been activated (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) you lose yourself and surrender to your sexual creativity under the guide of the stimulation that you and your partner share.

Recently, Rihanna was awarded the prestigious CFDA (The Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc.) Fashion Icon Award at the age of 26.   Her stylist, Mel Ottenberg, is a former graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design and created this monumental, breathtaking, sheer shimmering Swarovski-coated gown that was the talk of the CFDA award event.  “And she didn’t just walk, she sparkled,” someone noted.

“We are proud to present Rihanna with the CFDA Fashion Icon Award for her impact on the industry as fashion’s most exciting ambassador in recent memory.”                                              – CFDA CEO, Steven Kolb

 “Rihanna will be honored with the Fashion Icon Award at the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards on June 2 at Lincoln Center. The record-breaking recording artist, actress, and fashion designer will be recognized for her contributions to the fashion industry as well as her philanthropic partnership with the M·A·C AIDS Fund’s Viva Glam campaign. The Fashion Icon Award is given to an individual whose style has made a significant impact on popular culture on an international stage. Rihanna joins the ranks of past winners such as Lady Gaga, Iman, Kate Moss, and Nicole Kidman.”

Source: LA Times

Source: LA Times

Hear Rihanna’s Style Icon Award Speech From the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards + See Behind Scenes Twerk Wearing See-Thru Dress.

Lady Rihanna is a sexy fashion ICON with a prolific voice and a trendsetter who doesn’t look to be defined by anyone.

In closing, Wendy Williams, Style is something that can’t be taught.  You are either born with it (Rihanna, Jacqueline Onassis, Audrey Hepburn, and Diana Carroll) or you are not.  Most quintessential style girls will NEVER apologize, make any excuses, or care about your flat, pointless opinion because nine times out of ten you will NEVER comprehend or grasp style’s core foundation because it’s not in you to do so, Wendy.

Rihanna was flawless and fierce when she graced the red carpet and left many speechless.  Bravo! Bravo! Congrats, Rihanna, for not allowing Fashion or style to wear you and continuing to prove it’s how you wear it impeccably.

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