Bringing back Lil’ Kim and Sisqo, because this summer heat just isn’t sizzling enough! Sexy beats and hot seats get the Oral Sex motor running!

Lil’ Kim
“How Many Licks?”
(feat. Sisqo)

Source: The Throttle

Source: The Throttle

I’ve been a lot of places, seen a lot of faces
Ah hell I even fuck with different races
A white dude – his name was John
He had a Queen Bee Rules tattoo on his arm, uh
He asked me if I’d be his date for the prom
and he’d buy me a horse, a Porsche and a farm
Dan my Boy from Down South
Used to like me to spank him and cum in his mouth
And Tony he was Italian (Uh-huh)
And he didn’t give a fuck (Uh-huh)
That’s what I liked about him
He ate my pussy from dark till the mornin
Called his girl up and told her we was bonin
Puerto Rican papi, used to be a Deacon
But now he be sucking me off on the weekend
And this black dude I called King Kong
He had a big ass dick and a hurricane tongue

So, how many licks does it take till you get to the center of the?
(Cause I’ve got to know)

Lil’ Kim is still QUEEN BEE!

She raised the bar to excellence and made a clear path for other amazing female rappers like Nicki Manaj.

Excellent question, though, how many licks does it take for a woman to explode in your mouth?  How do you get her prepared and ready to the sexual joy ride that you are about to take with her? Are you attentive to her sexual needs and wants?  Do you stimulate her erogenous zones?  Do you know where her erogenous zones are? Do you start with a passionate kiss and work your way down around her hot, luscious, and sizzling body?  Do you make her moan with just your touch?  What about your sexual stare, is it piercing to turn you both on? Do you get her to the point where she is begging for you to enter her because you have built up her sexual desire to an intense heat that is driving her wild? When you touch her sweaty, soft, silky skin…does it burn?  When your tongue travels down the middle of her body and greets her pussy…do you spread her wide like an eagle’s wings? Once your tongue enters her wetness, are you drowning in her juices?  The answer to all her questions should be YES!!!

Remember, the more that you turn her on and make sexual deposits into her pleasure journey the BIGGER the rewards are for the two of you.  The BEST pussy is one that just climaxed in your mouth; you enter her and your dick gets choked, squeezed, and smothered with wetness.  Damn that sounds delicious.

Lil’ Kim sang about how many licks will it take before she climaxes, so enjoy the video and remember to count.

Source Image: Wikipedia

Source Image: Wikipedia



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