Source: "Make Me Wet" Pinterest Board

Source: “Make Me Wet” Pinterest Board

The joy of teasing, tantalizing and getting a dick ready for pleasure is quite rewarding if I must say so myself.  The anticipation at times is gut-wrenching because of the thrill and excitement that lies ahead.  We ALWAYS start with a passionate, hungry, alluring kiss, as if we haven’t seen each other in a year.  A hot, mouth-watering kiss will always prepare you for the next action steps…caressing the sensitive body parts…a.k.a. erogenous zones.  Our hands are caressing each of our sensitive-to-the-touch lips, necks, breasts, nipples, stomachs, and buttocks and, now, dripping genitals…oh yeah, we are ready now.

I always take my time because I want his sexual pleasure to build slowly, hard, yet steadfast, and this is a sure way for mine to build as well. I focus all my 5 senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell) on his entire body, which will activate all of our erogenous zones.

Women are not stimulated by only the visual, like it seems men are; we also have to be physically stimulated to achieve full arousal–making the brain our biggest sex organ.  Which now gives him permission to fuck my brains out…

Source: "Dirty Talk" Pinterest Board

Source: “Dirty Talk” Pinterest Board

I love climaxing on my Lulu’s dick because it makes my pussy walls contract and they choke his dick until it can’t breathe.  We continue to kiss, stroke and tantalize each other’s bodies by using our tongues, hands, and body heat to get lost in the moment.  It is humanly IMPOSSIBLE to not enjoy consensual, AMAZING sex.  I sure love it, especially when my Lulu makes me climax and my juices drip down on his balls, drowning them.

The key – relax your mind, body, and spirit and allow your thoughts to hold you captive during every sexual rendezvous, which will allow you to indulge without any inhibitions.

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