Oral Sex salutes Usher for his new hit song “Good Kisser”. He sings openly about a good blow job that makes him want to tap out! Listen and learn.


Love Usher!!!

This is the PERFECT song to start the month of June. It helps me celebrate along with my PViewers last month’s posts that were highly successful. And I couldn’t be happier that you’re all so fascinated by the joys, wonders, and rewards of oral sex. Holla if you hear me! Usher’s latest and TOTALLY HOT ASS SONG kills the game again!  He is singing about this amazing woman who gives him the BEST blow job in the world.

“See, I told her
The devil is a lie
Them other girls can’t compete with mine
You do it so good, you fuck my mind
You pull it out, then you open fire
You make me wanna tap out and retire
Your pretty lips leave me so inspired”

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Usher’s beautiful lyrics are music to my ears, heart, mind, and joyous soul.  I had to listen…

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