Bringing back Lil’ Wayne to remind you of the sweetness of Oral Sex! Share that sweetness, and multiply your chances at a mutual, sensual Orgasm For Sure!

by Lil’ Wayne

Source: Pinterest Board  "Candy Girl"

Source: Pinterest Board
“Candy Girl”

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]

OK, little mama had a swag like mine
She even wear her hair down her back like mine
I make her feel right when it’s wrong like lying
Man, she ain’t never had a love like mine
And man I ain’t never seen an ass like hers
And that pussy in my mouth had me loss for words
Told her back it up like erp erp
And I made that ass jump like jerk, jerk
And that’s when she lick me like a lollipop (oh yeah I like that)
she lick me like a lollipop (I like that)
she lick me like a lollipop (I like that)
she lick me like a lollipop

Oral sex is universal and enjoyed by many across the globe who are open-minded to unadulterated, good, sexual pleasure.  A lollipop, also universal, has been enjoyed by boys, girls, men and women because of the pure, sweet, delicious delight that it offers and gives.  Rapper Lil’ Wayne created an awesome track that speaks about the sweetness in eating pussy and how his female counterpart enjoys sucking his most likely…beautiful male cock.

Think about it for a minute…a lollipop is sweet (the taste of pussy) and a great phallic image (the penis).  It’s sucked, no, REALLY sucked and savored to the very end.  This should sum up your behavior and action toward enjoying and partaking in the likes of oral sex.

Just ask Lil’ Wayne…

Source Image: CD Universe

Source Image: CD Universe


But the magic only begins–and, oh, how sweet it is–when you allow your 5 senses to ignite and turn you on at the start of your sexual journey.  How, you might ask? At the start of sex, your eyes see; your ears hear; your mouth, lips, and tongue taste, your hands touch; and your nose smells the beauty of the penis and pussy (think of the lollipop).  This will create a fiery, sexual charge that will inflame your libido full force, creating an explosive orgasm for sure.

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