Source: "Libra, The Artist" Pinterest Board

Source: “Libra, The Artist” Pinterest Board

Busted! You like sex and should not apologize or feel embarrassed about it.  Actually, I am proud of you, that you refuse to hide behind the iron curtain of sexual shame because you like and enjoy sucking cock or eating pussy.  First and foremost, it burns calories and is not fattening.  ;o) And what is so special about liking and wanting to perform oral sex is that…IT’S NATURAL.  You are not doing the body any harm, but releasing and relieving your body of stress and more stress.

When you have an orgasm, you are releasing healthy endorphins that burn calories and fat.  WOW, that’s awesome!  According to the zodiac listing above, we all like sex.  Some of you are more in tune with your sexuality than others, but the one central thing that we ALL have in common is sex. In the United States, the BIGGEST and most dominating industry is PORN.  I wonder why…

Let’s stop denying our flesh and learn to love on our bodies and our partner’s body, which brings peace, joy, hope, and climactic happiness.

Source: "ooh baby" Pinterest Board

Source: “ooh baby” Pinterest Board

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