Source: "Aries" board on Pinterest

Source: “Aries” board on Pinterest

What is pleasure?  If I had to define pleasure I would say that it’s a feeling of happy satisfaction and pure enjoyment.  Pleasure as a verb (an action word) means to give sexual enjoyment and gratification.  All of this type of behavior is NATURAL and healthy for the body, mind, and spirit.  If you were to incorporate oral sex, which is the enforcer of sexual pleasure, it would jumpstart your Pleasure Journey (Daah!). It will ENHANCE your sex drive, IGNITE your erogenous zones (lips, neck, breasts, navel, inner thighs, genitals, etc.), and get your juices flowing—our ultimate goal, right??

Who are we kidding? We ALL have some kind of kink and/or freak in us.  I sure do and am proud to profess such delight and skill.  I’m a freak/whore in the bedroom, and a queen without a country on the outside–not to mention being great looking arm candy.  I exude sexuality, sexiness, and confidence that are sure turn-ons for both men and women.  Only in America, we are made to believe that kinky sex (like oral sex or any position other than missionary) is a bad and disgusting thing.  In what FUCKING world?!  The Leave It to Beaver era is OVER, and SEX SELLS just ask Madison Avenue.  If you open up ANY magazine, SEX will slap you in the face!!!

Sex is always a breath of fresh air; especially, when you are climactic during the Pleasure Journey. When you connect sexually with someone who takes the time, energy, and know-how to get you to have an OFS.  If I had my way, I would fuck my Italian Lulu 2 or 3 times every single day, but he says that I am trying to kill him.  If you want to play in the big league, when it’s your turn to bat step the fuck up.  ;o)

Depicted above are twelve wonderful reasons to enjoy sex and to tap into your hidden sexual desires.  We should no longer hide behind the iron curtain and shun our sexual desires.  Those who are imprisoned from their sexual desires tend to suffer the selfish consequences of their actions.  A loveless, frigid fuck belongs on Mars where life does not exist (I think).

What would the world be like if we took sex, or oral sex, out of the equation of life?  Well, the population would not be massive globally, and most likely more sex crimes would be reported.  Oral sex is a winner, marvelous and inviting.  There are twelve reasons for you to enjoy oral sex to its fullest.  If you take a second look at each zodiac, especially who you are, I can guarantee you that you will most likely agree with what you see and read.  I am here to inform, enlighten, and educate you on the joys, wonders, and rewards of oral sex.

Source: "Mature Sayings" Board on Pinterest

Source: “Mature Sayings” Board on Pinterest

So, remember: “Where there’s a HAPPY cock, there’s a WET pussy” singing its praises!!! Oral sex is basically using your mouth, tongue, and lips to tease, taste, and tantalize the sexy body of your partner. And what a perk that having your body experience a climax RELEASES endorphins and STRESS!!! How bad could any of that possibly be? If your hands don’t work, use your tongue.  If your eyes can’t see, use your tongue.  If your nose can’t smell, use your tongue.  If your ears can’t hear, use your tongue. And most importantly, if your tongue can’t taste…YOU ARE TOTALLY FUCKED, literally!!!  I recommend a new hobby, like knitting or masturbation…

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