“They wanna touch it, taste it, see it, feel it, bone it, own it”
Nicki Minaj – The Boys Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Nicki Minaj is an artist that I love to enjoy and watch on the screen.  She sings openly about how a man wants to taste it, see it, feel it, bone it, and own it (not), the pussy.  Well, get busy then, and make me explode in your mouth.

This has truly been a great week for my Oral Satisfaction Blog because my new whiteboard video has been uploaded on YouTube, which now has over 280 views and growing.  WordPress.com sent me a notification stating that my blog stats are booming, and it’s getting lots of traffic! Why?  Oral sex is here to stay, and it has found a home to bring the enlightenment, education, and entertainment without offending anyone.

Oral Sex Clip Art 3.18.14

Since I have launched my YouTube video, men are my leading viewers, Ladies.  They are not running from the likes, joys, wonders, and rewards of oral sex.  They want to stay in-tune and learn a few things in the areas of oral sex.  My number one goal is to reach millions of viewers and create a movement that advocates the good and smart things about oral sex. Anything negative or derogatory will not be addressed or acknowledged if it is not to inform or enlighten about oral sex.

For the month of June, I totaled over 1,000 visits to my blog, which only encourages me to do better for you.  Which brings me to the fact that I would love more interaction with my readers, if at all possible? Not only am I doing this for my own passionate ends, but for yours, too! Let me know if I’m hitting all the right spots or if I need to move a little to the left or right. I want to turn you on as much as oral sex turns me on (and as much as I know sensual oral sex can turn you on). So, if you like what you see here, or even if you don’t, just let me know!

Oral Sex Acrostic 7.7.14 Blog

So, reach out and touch somebody; then, do it the right way after reading Oral Satisfaction, only $4.99, on Kindle for your computer, tablet, or phone!


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