Oral sex is essential because it guarantees an OFS!

Oral Satisfaction

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…but it would make me feel 10 times better and

Source: Someecards Source: Someecards


Great sex happens when you find that wonderful person who ignites, teases, stimulates, and tantalizes those very sensitive body parts and who sets your erogenous zones on fire making them ready to burst.  Kissing is my secret weapon that gets my blood boiling and my body parts (lips, breasts, neck, nipples, and Pink Ice) sensitive to the touch. I love it when he drops to his knees and gets lost in my horny blossom garden, so that he can’t wait to turn the water on full blast.  He lays me down and uses his tongue to caress, taste, and tease my nipples making them perk to attention.  He softly bites my nipples as his index finger finds its way into my dripping vagina.  He places his ear near my mouth as I moan…

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