Gorgeous Blonde brunette Sexy

‘Hey you…come closer so that I can whisper in your ear how you make me moan when you are eating my pussy.”

Recap: Oral sex dominates and plays the master music maestro with all of our 5 senses (smell the sex smell, taste and touch).  Oral sex brings them alive by making sure that they are ready to jump start the pleasure journey of sex.  Oral sex allows your biggest sex organ, your mind to hop into gear and ride your sexual pleasure into the sunset.  Oral sex gets you in the mood, ripped and ready to fuck and explode with sexual excitement; literally.  It will ignite all your 5 senses and command them to take charge by heightening your libidos, sexually stimulating the body by touching and caressing all sensitive body parts. By helping your eyes to SEE perky tits, or a stiff dick; ears to HEAR sexual moans of excitement; noise to SMELL heightened pheromones from your body mist that is escaping in the air; yummy lips, and tongue to TASTE the pussy or lick the dick; and hands and fingers to fuck, or TOUCH the body gently.  Oral sex does the body good; literally.

I HEAR you loud and clear…that you want to lick my throbbing wet pussy until it runs dry; and spank my fat juicy ass.  I dare you to! But I will disappoint you because that’s simply impossible; because my Pink Ice is a running faucet that never shuts off.  You need a dental suction tool just to keep up.  When I met oral sex for the first time, my pussy started to dance, and gyrate. Our next meeting I skirted and climaxed so naturally that I was surprised by my reaction to enjoying oral sex. Oral sex smiled with jubilation, success and accomplishment because the work was done; OFS. On any given day, pussy or dick calls out to oral sex pleading, begging and spreading eagle to offer up a hint of suggestion as to what they want so desperately.  More oral sex action of the tongue to fuck the my pussy, ass; or suck on the dick for endless wonderful hours. Oral sex just gets it done.  Anything that you ask oral sex to do, it will oblige.  Oral sex is reactionary…it feeds off of moans and sexual energy.  It hears the moans that burn deep and is embedded into our ears, enjoying what it is accomplishing; an Orgasm for Sure (OFS).

Be daring and enjoy me, says oral sex; as I truly enjoy sucking millions of dicks and pussies.  It’s what I do, so very well.