Source: Maid Servant Chloe from

Source: Maid Servant Chloe from

I hope that so far I have made my passion obvious, in showing you the delights I can provide in the boudoir. I want you to know all the special ways to achieve the joys, wonders, and rewards I can offer, just by making all of your five senses active. Most recently, I showed you the delicious treat that is taste when you get up close with your partner. Remember, that bowl full of cherries? Delicious! But it isn’t just about taste; see the smooth, shiny skin of the fruit; smell the sweet, clean scent emanating from the tart flesh. Allowing yourself the freedom to share the richness of experience will only make my presence, that of Oral Sex, on your Pleasure Journey all the more erotic.

The sensation of touch is the most provocative feeling that you can share with your sexual partner during oral sex. That’s right, when you incorporate me into your sexual equation, I will guarantee you an OFS. Touching is the most sensual act of the five senses, because it opens up the entire body to the hot, passionate experience I create.

Just by stimulating some nerve endings and knowing where on you and your partner’s bodies they are most sensitive. No two people enjoy being touched in the same way, which is why you have to pay attention to your partner; show him or her know that only you know how they like to be touched.

I promise you, sharing the desire to touch and be touched will make you both orgasmic for sure!

Starting with a kiss, to seeing the passion flare in his or her eyes, to smelling the pheromones emanating off his or her skin, and, then, just touching your partner can get your sexual energy revved up to a point of explosion.  Your hands are a pair of lost travelers moving all over your partner’s body to map the terrain; using sensual Touch will only bring about limitless sexual gratification.

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