Source: "Oral Satisfaction" Pinterest Board

Source: “Oral Satisfaction” Pinterest Board

I am delighted to share with you my inner personalities, which take on many different forms.  I wear many hats because I aim to please, and I want to teach people the joys, wonders, and rewards of oral sex.  I showed you how my sight plays a very important role at stimulating sexual desires. How, you may ask? My brain is the biggest sex organ that I possess, and what I see instantly turns on my sex drive.  If your eyes don’t see the sexual prowess just waiting for stimulation, you have missed the mark.  Smell, another one of my sacred talents, is easy to adapt and embrace.  Why?  Pheromones are the only free love potion, and they escape from the body to heighten your sex drive.  During sex, the body reeks and smells of sex.  Your sex partner makes this an easy occurrence because his/her smells become your aphrodisiac, with my help of course.

Shall we begin? I love being who I am, which is Oral Sex, because I am a sexual pleaser who enjoys giving and receiving pleasure and being an orgasmic giver causing the regular OFS.

What I love about taste during oral sex is that it’s free dessert and you can eat it all night.  It’s just like having a bowl of cherries at your fingertips. Once your five senses are turned on and they are heightened, there is no turning back.  It’s time to go ALL IN!!!  No holding back because if you do, I guarantee that you will miss the mark of achieving that OFS.  Thus far we have talked about my oral sex skills key components: sight, smell, and now taste.  My oral sex antenna is up and ready to seek out my delicious prey.  It is now my job to sexually stimulate your five senses so that we can have a successful rendezvous. If not, what is the purpose of having uneventful, dry, flat, non-orgasmic sex?  This is America, land of the FREE to achieve an Orgasm For Sure.

I, Oral Sex, have to stimulate all your senses– it’s a requirement–and I must definitely get it done. I am not in the business of failing in the area of sexual gratification.  I was created for a reason, and I do matter.  Just ask any man how much he loves having his dick sucked; it’s certainly with a strong conviction, but he won’t always convey that to you.

The last secret ingredient to enjoying me for what I am is to add passion to what you see, smell, and taste. And I promise you that you will welcome lonely old me, Oral Sex, into the family for good.


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