Source: Mr. M. on Tumblr (Sept. 2013 Post)

Source: Mr. M. on Tumblr (Sept. 2013 Post)

“What’s the big deal?” asks Oral Sex, who is frustrated by all the naysayers who think that I am a bad, disgusting, dirty thing.  NOT!!! It’s my job to pay close attention to details, the habits and behaviors of my students. Many just don’t understand me and don’t want to get to know me; so, they pass judgment on pure speculation that is totally false about me.  I am a people pleaser and enjoy giving and receiving pleasure from any race, religion, socio-economic background, and gender.  I don’t discriminate; I please, give love, and try to SEE you for who and what you really are.  I SEE you as a wonderful, joyous person who enjoys natural pleasure uninhibitedly.

Who I am and what I am is a natural being that aims to stimulate your libidos right before sex.  Now, that’s awesome if you ask me.  I am a man’s best friend, who has bonded with me over centuries.  For women, it has been a slow-moving process to get to know them, but I am determined.  Why? Because they need and really do want and favor me.  Why? Because I guarantee them an orgasm for sure (OFS).

Remember, I am no longer a man’s-only club, and I have my arms wide open to accept and bring women into my loving fold.  Nor will I give up on them, because with them as least it’s passionate, loving, and nurturing.  Unlike my male counterparts, who I like and respect as well, but it’s generally only centered on their needs and wants.

My sole purpose is to pay close attention to your needs and wants by SEEING you and embracing you for who you really are. So use me to help you help me.

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