“We are all searching exactly for someone to love us for who we are.”

Source: Out Magazine onJanetMock.com

Source: Out Magazine on

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching Janet Mock who appeared on HuffPost Live with Marc Lamont Hill, host, to discuss DJ Cee of Hot 97 who resigned in 2013 because he was outed for soliciting a prostitute who happened to be a trans-woman. Janet Mock is a beautiful, vivacious, intellectual, gorgeous trans-woman who is in a relationship with heterosexual photographer Aaron Tredwell.  Who was also brave and loving enough to take this bold side by side with Janet.

Janet Mock also appears in the HBO Documentary The Out List where she speaks about her coming out as a woman who transformed from a man.

Amiyah Scott is a transgender model and make-up artist who was born in New York in 1988.”

Mark Anthony Neal, Professor of Black Popular Culture at Duke University, taking part in the Huffington Post interview noted above said, “We live in a society that does not have healthy ideas about sex in the first place.”  Well, this explains the reason behind the warped thinking of most Americans who believe that oral sex is still dirty, disgusting, and taboo in the 21st century.

Most men who date trans-women face many daunting accusations that they are gay and in denial of it.  What initially attracted these men to these women is their female sex appeal.  Daah!!! Who are we to judge or stereotype or label a person because of whom they chose as a partner.  REALLY, ASSHOLE?!  Oh, I forgot, most Americans already do.

Amelia Maltepe, originally from a traditional Bangladeshi home, is a 23-year-old glamour model who lives in Toronto, Canada.”

I am hopeful that one day very soon race, sexual orientation, and oral sex will not matter.  And “Justice is what Love looks out in public” (Cornel West) will be the building block we can dream of.

The following countries around the world are where it is already legal for same-sex couples to wed:

  • The Netherlands, 2000
  • Belgium, 2003
  • Canada, 2005
  • Spain, 2005
  • South Africa, 2006
  • Norway, 2009
  • Sweden, 2009
  • Iceland, 2010
  • Portugal, 2010
  • Argentina, 2010
  • Denmark, 2012
  • France, 2013
  • Brazil, 2013

Mexico and the United States are countries where gay marriage is partially legal. There are 31 states in the United States where same-sex marriages are illegal.

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