Source: The Huffington Post

Source: Getty Images on The Huffington Post 

I honestly thought that crybaby John Boehner gave up whining about stupid shit, but apparently he is still crying.  He now wants to sue, no, you heard me, SUE President Obama.  Per Crybaby Boehner [in an article from the Washington Post] (I refuse to address him with any authority, as he is totally not worthy of such an honor) he believes that, “President Obama has circumvented the Congress through executive action,” he writes, without pointing to specific examples. The fight isn’t over executive orders; it’s over executive authority. “In a letter he addressed to his peers”, Boehner never mentioned the words “executive orders.”

WOW!!! REALLY?! America the great is a great country with ASSHOLES running Washington as the world looks on; just ask Boehner.  Really, Boehner, you are going to sue your President (who happens to be a Black Man, but I am certain that is not your issue (yeah, right!!)) because he has failed to lead in a presidential manner by taking advantage and abusing his “Executive Authority.”  REALLY?!


If I had one wish, I would ask my President who happens to be a “Constitutional Attorney from Harvard”, you ASS, to represent himself. So that he can torture your dumb-ass in court, watching you squirm with embarrassment while he whips your ass with a slam dunk win in court.  Jerk-off!!!


When you become a man with some balls and stop crying, I promise to remove you from my Assholism Hall of Fame, DICK!!!