In honor of Pride Week, I’ve resurrected an old post for my Gay brothers and sisters. Enjoy!

Source: Eat Me Pinterest Board

Source: “Eat Me” Pinterest Board

Source: John Coulthart Photo

Source: John Coulthart Photo

Live and let live should be America’s underlying platform in our great country. Learn to embrace ALL shades of folks, all socio-economic backgrounds and sexual orientations.

Is this not the 21st century? Slavery has been abolished; the Civil Rights Act has been enacted; 34% of all states have voted to pass the same-sex marriage bill.  What more do we need?

This is the same country that had a Civil War because racist Southerners did not want to pick cotton any longer.  From the words of my beautiful grandmother (may her soul rest in peace) who said, “Always consider your source.”

  • (NBC News) — All signs indicate Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer will likely veto politically charged legislation that supporters say promotes religious freedom and opponents contend discriminates against gays and lesbians.

So, to ALL those who are opposed, furious, appalled, upset and sleep-deprived over same-sex marriages: you have been inducted into the world of “ASSHOLISM”.

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