Source: Live Science via Shutterstock

Source: Live Science via Shutterstock

Who said that oral sex is not natural or is a sick, demented, selfish act amongst perverts?  Probably the same people who wholeheartedly believe that the missionary position is enough during sex.  REALLY?! Well, America, guess what…a few bears were caught performing fellatio because they have the sexual need to be stimulated, aroused, and gratified.  HA, HA, HA!!!

Apparently, “The club of fellatio-loving animals just gained a new member: bears” as reported by Megan Gannon on NBC News via Live Science.  She stated that two male brown bears were caught performing oral sex. “Scientists have observed a pair of male brown bears in captivity in Croatia that regularly engaged in oral sex over several years. While the creatures in this case study likely do it for pleasure, their fellatio habits might have started because they were forced to wean too early, the researchers suspect.”

Oh well, I’m not angry or annoyed by this wonderful enlightenment about oral sex.  It’s natural, simply wonderful, heartfelt, and climactic.  Just think, if you open your mind to it, you might just like it.

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