By Christina Aguilera

Source: Santa Banta Christina Wallpapers

Source: Santa Banta
Christina Wallpapers

Oh, I’m overdue
Give me some room
I’m comin through
Paid my dues
In the mood
Me and the girls gonna shake the room

DJ’s spinning (show your hands)
Let’s get dirrty (that’s my jam)
I need that, uh, to get me off
Sweatin’ until my clothes come off

It’s explosive, speakers are pumping (oh)
Still jumping, six in the morning
Table dancing, glasses are crashing (oh)
No question, time for some action

Temperature’s up (can you feel it)
About to erupt
Gonna get my girls
Get your boys
Gonna make some noise


What I have always loved about Christina Aguilera is her passion to move her sexy body and a voice to complement it.

In this song, she entices you to get busy, move your body, take your clothes off, and bring it! Oral sex has the same premise behind it, in that you should want to bring it!  Bring the passion, excitement, the tongue action and sensual movement.

It’s the thrusting of your tongue and the movement of your mouth and lips all over your partner’s body.  If you pay close attention to the video, Christina ignites ALL of our and her erogenous zones: her eyes are alluring (can’t you see); the sight of her captivates your attention (don’t you want to get up and dance?); her sounds are fucking amazing and rhythmic (I want to fuck right now); her touch is obvious as she caresses her body erotically throughout the video as she sweats profusely — most likely creating a smell of pure ecstasy! Who doesn’t want to taste that?!

Or this?

Source: Kimbella Knicks Photo taken by Jose Guerra

Source: Kimbella Knicks
Jose Guerra Photography

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