Source Image: Pinterest Board "50's Birthday Party"

Source Image: Pinterest Board
“50’s Birthday Party”

Gorgeous Kelis’s lyrics in “Milkshake” talks about how the pussy “brings all the boys to the yard”, and how they agree that her pussy is much better than their penis.  She has tricks to teach, but she will have to charge them.  But she also warns how her delicious Pink Ice Milkshake will make them go crazy.  Oh, how sweet this is…

Source Image: November 2008 Article

Source Image:
November 2008 Article



[Repeat x2]
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,
And they’re like
It’s better than yours,
Damn right it’s better than yours,
I can teach you,
But I have to charge

I know you want it,
The thing that makes me,
What the guys go crazy for.
They lose their minds,
The way I wind,
I think its time

[Chorus x2]
La la-la la la,
Warm it up.
The boys are waiting

What are the ingredients of your oral sex milkshake?

It comes in all flavors, sizes, and has an explosive orgasmic whip cream that floats on top after you have come. Like the delicious ingredients that go into a milkshake, oral sex has some very delectable ingredients of its own.  You make and churn your own heavy cream by using your mouths, tongues, lips, fingers, and hands.

All can enjoy the delectable licks off of an oral sex milkshake, if you are willing to whip it up and add in the following ingredients:

Countless Kissing
Countless Caressing
Countless Tasting
Countless Touching
Countless Stimulation
Countless Sharing
Mix sensuously.
See and hear
the joys, wonders, and rewards
of your delicious oral sex
Milkshake explode
with a nice cherry on top!

Source: Tiera Nicole Photography

Source: Tiera Nicole Photography

Would you like me to help you mix your milkshake?

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