Source: Pinterest Board "<3"

Source: Pinterest Board “<3”

What a beautiful quote and one that most women can only dream about and crave.  Most women are coming alive and enjoying oral sex because it can guarantee them an orgasm for sure.

This is music to my ears, as I am certain that its music to most women’s ears as well.  Today’s women are coming to terms with their sexuality and embracing their sexual desires.  It’s NOW ok to be a whore in the bedroom and a lady in public.  This puts us at the finish line sure to win and on good liking terms with our sexual counterparts…men/women.  Yes, many moons ago it was not ladylike to perform oral sex or sex your husband like you were a pro.  Oh, no, no, no, even though they were creeping for that hot, sizzling sex rendezvous.  Personally, I don’t know who to blame that the sexual revolution came a-knockin’ at Ladies’ doors, but oh, how sweet it is.

The one sure way for a woman to have an orgasm is through oral stimulation, plain and simple.  I will repeat myself: THE SURE WAY FOR A WOMAN TO HAVE AN ORGASM IS THROUGH ORAL STIMULATION. Just like women NOW know that the way to a man’s heart is sucking his dick, and that MEN love and want their dicks sucked on a continual basis.  News Flash: women want their “little penis” (the clitoris) stroked, sucked, kissed, and stimulated until we come ever so nicely in your mouth.

Just ask Jill…

Source: Emil Nystrom from Pinterest Board "Pics Nude Artistic"

Source: Emil Nystrom from Pinterest Board
“Pics Nude Artistic”

“Men, if you pay close attention to my sexual likes and needs,” Jill whispers, “I promise you that you can take all of me and enjoy me wholeheartedly.  From my luscious lips, warm mouth, and naughty tongue to my beautiful succulent breasts and erect nipples to my baby soft skin and hot, wet dripping pussy waiting for you to enter. But first I must climax so that I can choke the head of your dick and squeeze it tight between my pulsating pussy walls that are aching and throbbing just for you.  Wow, are you ready? I am!  Now the fun begins…”

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