By Janet Jackson

Source: Lynn and Horst Blogspot

Source: Lynn and Horst Blogspot

Pull over
Let me do all the work

My hands wrapped around
Stroking up and down
But nothing can compare to
The warmth of my mouth

I love every sound you make
When I’m down
Nothing can prepare you for
The Warmth of my

Love Ms. Jackson!!!

Artists like Janet Jackson, Madonna, the Isley Brothers, Usher, Prince, and The Rolling Stones have sung about the joys, wonders, and rewards of oral sex.  This is not new because sex sells, and sexy erotic lyrics can get you in the mood for sex, and your afterglow penetrates the atmosphere.  Oral sex is a natural sexual desire that most people truly do enjoy; I sure do. Granted, most folks are not open to discuss the topic, let alone in public, as it is an embarrassment, as some may believe. But don’t knock it until you try it, and once bitten you will expect it each and every time. It’s simply heaven and very sexually gratifying.  And most men prefer to come in your mouth rather than your pussy (they will never share this secret with you), but it’s the truth.

Granted, most misogynistic countries that mutilate a female’s clitoris truly believe that a woman’s sexual desires don’t exist and it’s just extra skin.  That is why I love my country, America the Great, because if you tried that sick, demented shit here, your balls and dick would be cut the fuck off and stuffed in your mouth.  Let’s think about this for a second…if your dick is cut off, what would happen to you? Hopefully you will become a master at eating pussy.  Ok, sorry…I am getting away from my topic and I need to focus on the importance of enjoying oral sex.

Women and men are bombarded with sexual energy, and women want to embrace their sexy side and entice the male counterpart. Where men seem to simply want and enjoy having sex.  Every single body part is important and has a purpose, like your pinky toe allows you to stay balanced while standing or walking.  Your mouth functions as a sex tool that can do many amazing things.  The mouth, tongue, and lips operate in unison to ignite and awaken your partner’s sexual energies and desires.

Oral sex is a creative engine that gets your motor running full speed and its remaining energy stays present until you climax.  Oral sex is the sensual surprise that can turn a dull, uneventful rendezvous into a sizzling romp in the hay.   If you are having old, boring missionary sex and refuse to step outside the box most likely your partner is stepping out on you (or will soon).  Men are visual creatures and think about sex a few times throughout the day, as women continue to tap into their sex appeal to feed all of that shared sexual energy.

Oral sex is the much-needed diversion that brings a change to your old, antiquated sex life. Some American’s berate and talk badly about oral sex, but just like “Reality Television” is THE favorite pastime for now where more vulgarity and sex is on TV…Guess what, oral sex will soon be knocking at your door and no longer considered profanity.  It will no longer be beeped out during talk shows and people won’t need to be cautious when speaking about it.

Oral sex is here to stay, and there is nothing that you can do about it.  Because…

Source: FunnyMama.com badboydwainelewis

Source: FunnyMama.com

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