Source: 9Gag

Source: 9Gag

The biggest sex organ that we have and possess is our minds. At first glance, you see plenty of beautiful pussies in the photo; they are breathtaking, lovely bushy vaginas…do you?  In actuality, its beautiful flowers.  If so, you have passed the test in that when you allow your mind to be open to natural sexual abilities; you see right before your eyes beautiful pussies.  It’s a natural instinct, and one that should be embraced openly and freely.  When we are sexually stimulated either through oral sex or a sensuous touch or kiss, our bodies respond naturally to stimulation.  It is not a feeling that you want to force because you want to enjoy it to its full potential.

And when you allow your sexual desires to flourish and accept it’s a natural instinct you most likely will have a vibrant sex life.  Oral sex is an added and heightened desire that I openly embrace and highly recommend.  Why?  The most erotic, sensuous and VERY sensitive thing on your body is your mouth and tongue.  Your lips are a very sensitive erogenous zone, and can you image using your mouth and tongue like baby oil all over your partner’s body to create a sexual charge of pure delight?  You will create a heightened, sexual energy that will generate GREAT sexual tension for both you and your partner.

Yes, men LOVE, LOVE having their dicks sucked because the feeling to them is mind BLOWING (literally), but it’s the FEELING that it brings about for them.  The penis is already a huge erogenous zone; once you add your mouth, lips, and tongue to the penis, it will create a masterful sexual stimulation for him (and you!) to enjoy.  So picture the two colliding (sensuous oral sex), creating an explosive combustible burst of sexual energy, hopefully for you and her or him (smile).  Who does not want that?  Now that the secret has been revealed, WOMEN want the same type of sexual stimulation done to their “little penis” as well.  And women offer up more delights for a man to choose from, the pussy lays in wait after you sexually stimulate her clitoris, and then you can stick your beautiful dick inside her wet, waiting, and throbbing pussy.  How awesome is that?!

Oral sex is now the new kiss, and it will GURANTEE a heightened sexual charge for you to enjoy NATURALLY. Don’t knock it until you try it! Also one more minor secret about why men love having their dicks sucked and stimulated until they climax inside your mouth (my favorite): the mouth NEVER expands; it stays wet and has remarkable suction power.  And when you add the marvelous hand action, men will float on air and love you for it.

Again, oral sex is a natural way to enjoy your sexual desires, which guarantees you a heightened, exceptional sexual charge that will give you BOTH an Orgasm For Sure (OFS)!

Your mind is a terrible thing to waste, so allow it to flourish and embrace your sexual charge like you did at the beginning seeing this photo.

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