“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”  – Maya Angelou

Source: Guy Stauber Illustrations

Source: Guy Stauber Illustrations

“Phenomenally, Oh Yes You Are!”
Original Poem by Tatiana

As a child you experienced despair and pain

But your sweet soul and inner voice was bold and not of disdain

You grabbed, tossed and slapped despair in the face with style and grace.

You never allowed Brokenness to creep in and set the pace,

You stood tall with dignity, a sense of pride and boldness

Standing on Sojourner, Harriet, and Rosa shoulders

As they smile upon you, embraced you with open loving arms,

You hugged them back and picked up your torch as you were charmed

You have made the U.S. and our ancestors proud,

Just because of who you are and your breathtaking smile.

Now your torch burns brighter and beams across the globe

Adding your brilliant smile in the darkest of places, touching our souls

From around the world, from Africa to Australia to Antarctica and the U.S.,

We’ll miss your smile, and your heroic presence,

You have made a dent in the universe and it was due to all your profound verses

Your legacy of sharing love, accepting who you are, and the ability to forgive self

Are words that will resonate and echo throughout the fabric of life, for all to embrace

You are and have become an iconic SHERO, which was something you never asked for,

It was just being “Maya” that the world saw as the truth was revealed…

You are phenomenally, oh yes you are and all will agree,

You have left a loving and indelible legacy, of sharing love, forgiveness, and being true to thee

Phenomenally, oh yes you are

Thank you, Ms. Angelou, as your light has been your ministry.
Rest in Peace